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What's In The Box?

Preschool vs. Early Elementary

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  • Our Preschool boxes are recommended for children ages 3 to 5 and may contain the following items:
  • Activities designed to enhance self-care skills
  • Fidget toys/tools to provide a calming effect and enhance overall attention
  • Sensory play which fosters creativity, language development, and social interaction
  • Fine motor activities focused on developing a functional grasp, hand strength, bilateral hand control, and hand-eye coordination skills
  • Activities to promote the development of visual perceptual skills (brain's ability to make sense of what the eyes see)
  • Our Early Elementary boxes are recommended for children ages 6+ and may contain the following items:
  • Sensory play materials which require more complex fine motor skills
  • Fidget tools/toys to assist with anxiety and improving overall attention/focus
  • Activities promoting early literacy skills
  • Fine motor activities requiring more refined grasps, hand strength and, bilateral hand coordination skills 
  • Age appropriate visual perceptual activities 
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